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The Gray Man Review Fullyfilmy - by Noyon Jyoti Parasara

Movie Review: The Gray Man

Circa 2003. An inmate in Florida State Prison is approached by CIA personnel Donald Fitzroy (Billy Bob Thorton) to become a part of a program called Sierra, which is being created to carry out dirty work that CIA cannot do officially. The offer is simple – “I am here to help you become a value …

Hustle Movie Review

Movie Review: Hustle

Though he has delivered films like Uncut Gems and The Meyerowitz Stories, Adam Sandler is not readily associated with movies that need him to do more than being himself.  This is why Hustle should surprise you. Sandler’s Stanley Sugarman is a 50-something NBA scout working for the Philadelphia 76ers and aspires to be a coach. …

Jayeshbhai Jordaar Movie Review Fullyfilmy

Movie Review: Jayeshbhai Jordaar

If the intent is all that mattered, Jayeshbhai Jordaar would certainly have been one of the most remarkable films in recent times. It uses comedy, proven to be effective while dealing with social evils, to tell us what misogyny could lead us to. Not just that, Jayeshbhai Jordaar delves into the deep-seated issues that are …


Movie Review: Interceptor

The world is going through an interesting phase. We are seeing some genuine attempts at diversity and inclusivity in our stories. There are stories with female actors treading paths traditionally reserved for men. People across races and sexuality are finding equality in pop culture. And then there are silly attempts at being ‘me too’. Netflix’s …


Movie Review: Attack – Part 1

John Abraham had already tasted success as a super cop in Force. It is only natural that he seeks to up his game. And what better than a super-strong cop who could lift heavy bikes and throw them at goons? A super-soldier of course. Little wonder John Abraham is credited for the story of Attack, …


Movie Review: Heropanti 2

“You have to commit to it; believe in it. If you don’t believe in what you are trying to sell, how will the buyers believe it?” one of my previous bosses had once told me. I was put in charge of selling ad space for a site at a price that was much higher than …